Online-Computer Aided Engineering(CAE)

This online-CAE is an initiative from ATOA Scientific Technologies, leading Multiphysics CAE simulation solution provider. ATOA's online CAE offers Multiphysics CAE simulations directly via your web-browser without the need for the expert CAE analyst, costly software and hardware.

You can do high end CAE simulations online just with your browser. You can do virtual engineering design simulations across Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and BioMedical Engineering online. Complex Multiphysics models and simulation methodology are developed by ATOA for you to do calculations using your web browser.

Online CAE simplifies your routine design simulations with parametric modelling and automating the design and analysis procedure with in depth practical expertise. The complexity of preprocessing, meshing, boundary conditions, solution procedure and post processing are automated and the user can run complex simulation by clicking few input buttons.